Two Bronze awards for BOLDOT

at this year’s Digital Media Awards

At BOLDOT./Connected Marketing Agency, we are very happy as we managed to win 2 bronze Digital Media Awards 2020 (Dime Awards 2020) from Boussias Communications, in our 1st year of business.

The Awards

Specifically, we won Bronze Awards in the categories of “Best Content Distribution Strategy” and “Best Use of Instagram” for our client, Stone Group International.

The project – The challenge!

In an especially competitive B2B industry, our main challenge was to highlight the authority of Stone Group International with only organic actions, offering high-quality useful content and bringing measurable results through the company’s presence on social media and its website.

Digital goals

The digital goals we were called to achieve with only organic actions were the following:

• Increase website traffic and social media visits
• Increase user interaction with the brand
• Create a list of potential customers
• Convert visits into qualified leads
• Create sales through website and social media platforms

The audience

It is a very strictly defined B2B audience around the world. In addition to the demographic data, in order to create the appropriate content, the basic professional categories/sectors of the industry that the company wanted to approach were taken into account, with an in-depth study and analysis of their basic characteristics.

The implementation

In order to achieve the digital goals, the following platforms were used:

  • Website Blogging
  • Facebook
  • Linkedln
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Content Formats & Best Practices

The following formats were used to create and develop the content, with optimal practices to be applied to each of them:

• Articles (technical issues, global innovations of the company, industry news, articles that highlight Greek marbles).
• Graphics (images, gifs & projects adapted to the corporate identity)
• Infographics (educational topics, how-to, reasons to, types of, industry statistics inside and outside Greece).
• Videos (global technical innovations, methods and techniques, product presentation videos, architectural application projects, light, everyday content).
• Presentations & Slideshows (product presentations, projects, corporate presentations).

Aesthetic approach – Look & Feel

Creative premiums of high aesthetics, strongly differentiated in relation to the industry. Two creative directions were used: the basic corporate identity and the product identity of the two product collections of the company.

KPIs – Measurable Organic Results

All the organic results were very positive and in some cases impressive. The largest increase was observed in the following indicators:

  • Global internet traffic & engagement ranking
  • New website visitors from social media platforms
  • Average website duration
  • Unique blog page visits
  • Video views from social media platforms
  • New followers
  • Messages for orders
  • Qualified leads
  • Converted leads
  • ROI – return on investment

What we have accomplished:

• To innovate and change the data in the specific B2B sector in the digital environment, both within and outside Greece.
• To achieve all digital targets per platform, in an organic way, bringing not only positive insights, but also qualified leads that have been transformed into notable measurable sales.
• To approach the content with authentic and high aesthetics that differ significantly from the Greek and global competition.
• To approach the content with authentic and high aesthetics that differ significantly from the Greek and global competition.

Get to know us better!

BOLDOT. is a boutique marketing agency based in Thessaloniki. It was created to offer high-quality marketing services to selected B2B and B2C companies. Our goal is, through our extensive experience, to utilize all types of modern marketing under the vision of each company and to create a meaningful connection of each brand with its audience, continuously bringing valuable results.

In the accompanying photo:
Left: FaniPlaka, Co-founder, Marketing & Digital Strategist
Right: Olga Pitsari, Co-founder, Managing Director