As in being daring, to move forward and succeed.
As being intense, in order to distinguish yourself.



As a point, like those which we connect to create the line of your own long journey.
Like a reference point, which should be unique for each company or brand.

About us

With years of experience in marketing strategy and deep knowledge of digital marketing, we created BOLDOT to offer high quality services to selective B2B and B2C companies.

We are a team that knows the market, loves the detail and constantly improves.

In BOLDOT we care about your success. With focus on your visions; we become part of your company and gradually bring you a step closer to your audience. Making the best out of each of our team members expertise, we offer customized services, emphasizing your holistic communication, both online and offline.

Your goals become ours. We believe that together we can build strong, long-term relationships and trace your very own to success.

Shall we start?




A digital marketing strategist and marketing instructor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, postgraduate studies in Marketing and certified specialist in Digital Marketing. For more than 20 years she has been marketing manager in companies -amongst others in the advertising, fashion and marble sector.

Her goal as Boldot’s Marketing and Digital Strategist is to use her expertise and know-how to help brands build effective links with both the final consumer and other companies -which will be potential partners in the future. Her skill set includes strategic marketing, social media and digital storytelling.

Όλγα Πιτσαρή


For Olga, being creative is a way of life. Her love for design, fashion, advertising, and of course Marketing obviously determined her professional course and career. She specialized in Fashion Marketing and worked in big fashion companies for more than 18 years specializing in Commercial & Export Marketing. Olga also had the pleasure of teaching Fashion Management at a leading fashion school in Thessaloniki. Digital Marketing and Social Media Management studies followed and Content Marketing expertise was foregone. For the past two years, she has the pleasure of teaching Canva in Knowcrunch’s awarded Digital & Social Media Diploma.

As a Co-Founder and Creative Content Director of BOLDOT, she shares her long experience and creativity with her team, and together they offer unique quality content for their customers to differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve their goals. Through their professionalism and in-depth knowledge, they provide valued services of high quality and up-to-date services in the fast-paced environment of Marketing and Digital Marketing.



A Social Media Manager with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Media. Maria was always thrilled by the idea that something you’re working on has the actual potential on making an impact in people’s everyday lives and opinions.

Her goal at Boldot is to bring together the best in storytelling and community building to create content that humanizes brands.


A Social Media Manager, with a degree from the Department of International and European Studies, University of Macedonia and based in Thessaloniki.

Eva is characterized by communication and creativity. Combining them, she finds the “happy medium” personally and professionally.

With her fresh ideas, but also the marketing tools she knows very well, she manages to create modern and useful content for BOLDOT’s customers.



An Account Manager, with a degree from the Department of International and European Studies and executive diploma in Digital Marketing & Social media management.

With a sharp focus on client satisfaction, Christina employs effective communication skills to understand and address the unique business objectives of each client.

By collaborating closely with clients, she develops tailored digital marketing solutions and strategies that align with their specific needs and drive tangible results.


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