If effective communication is the question, BOLDOT is the answer. Because:


Connected marketing oriented

We offer the effectiveness of Connected Marketing

Through integrated Connected marketing services, we ensure efficiency and success in our work and the goals of our associates.

Marketing strategy defenders

We design based on marketing strategy, considering digital implementation

With a sense of dedication towards our customers’ corporate vision, we co-design the brand’s strategic marketing and use modern marketing tools as well as appropriate digital practices to achieve our goals.

Vision enjoyers

We think as customers

We treat every project through a holistic and objective approach, covering every aspect of it. Our knowledge and long experience in marketing helps us to understand the corporate culture of each brand and create added value for its products or services.

Community builders

We have remarkable collaborators

We work with a team of remarkable collaborators, people full of inspiration, skill and talent, connecting them in the most creative and effective way.

Quality enthusiasts

We are quality enthusiasts

Quality is something that we do not just appreciate, but we take care of and ensure an excellent level in every aspect of our work – our collaborations, operation, and results.

Long term partnerships fans

We are pursuing long-term cooperative relationships

Based on mutual respect and appreciation, we aim to build partnerships and corporate bonds that can withstand time. We dedicate time, energy and dedication to our customers and connect with them to help them achieve their goals and vision.