Three Awards for BOLDOT at this Indie Awards

It is with great pleasure that we announce our three (3) new awards in the BEST IN DIGITAL category, at Indie Awards 2021, which were organized, for the first time, by Boussias Communications:

?GOLD for Social Media

? SILVER for Best Use of Digital by a Regional Agency

? BRONZE for Branded Content

We were awarded for: our activities on Social Media, production of Branded Content and Best use of the Digital environment by a Regional Agency. All three Awards were for our client, Stone Group International, whom we once again thank for another year for their trust and cooperation!

Below you can read some key facts about our nomination, what the challenge we were called to face was, what the project innovation was, and what the key KPIs were that brought us positive measurable results in an organic way.

The project – The challenge

In an industry where global competition has zero or minimal presence in the digital environment, the main challenges for us were:

  • to create and enhance our customer’s digital brand identity
  • to highlight Stone Group International as the 1st marble company in the world to offer useful content to a strictly defined, targeted and untrained B2B audience, and to establish itself globally as an industry authority through its digital presence on Social Media and its website.


The innovation of the project exists in the following two elements:

  • to be noticeably different from the competition by offering our own branded content to an untrained digital audience through the creation of powerful storytelling
  • having to achieve the goals organically

Digital goals

The digital goals that were set from the beginning and implemented were the following:

  • position ourselves as a Thought Leader in the industry
  • increase traffic to corporate social media accounts
  • increase user interaction with the brand
  • attract a potential target-group
  • convert visits into qualified leads
  • generate sales through social media platforms


The following platforms were used to achieve the digital goals:

  • Website Blogging 
  • Facebook 
  • Linkedln
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 
  • Twitter 
  • YouTube 

Types of Content

Taking into account the characteristics and needs of the very strictly defined B2B audience, the following types of content were used and developed to their full extent:

  • Articles
  • Graphics & original images
  • Infographics
  • Videos & original productions
  • Presentations & slideshows

Aesthetic approach

Aim to have creative premium high aesthetics, with strong differentiation from the industrycompetitors that adds extra value to products and services.

KPIs – Measurable results

It is worth noting that the measurable results were organic, as no advertising took place. Indicatively, the gauges that noticed the largest increase for the period 01/09/2019 – 31/12/2020, were:

  • Global internet traffic & engagement ranking
  • New website visitors from social media platforms
  • Average website duration
  • Unique blog page visits
  • Video views from social media platforms
  • New followers
  • Messages for orders
  • Qualified leads
  • Converted leads
  • ROI – return on investment

Our accomplishments

  • to create a powerful and unique Branded Content that has managed to stand out and change the data in the field of marble suppliers in the digital environment, both in Greece and abroad
  • to achieve all our goals in an organic way, bringing not only positive insights, but also qualified leads that turned into remarkable measurable sales
  • to differentiate from the Greek and global competition, creating an authentic design approach of high aesthetics 
  • to create and share a unique User Experience with users and followers, as evidenced by both the loyalty of existing followers and the continuous attraction of new ones

Do you need professional social media management?

The biggest mistake that companies or individuals make is to believe that managing social media is a simple process that they can learn and implement on their own, without requiring any additional experience, knowledge or expertise. But why do you need a professional or a specialized agency to help you? What is it that they will offer you, make a difference and be worth the money you spend? The answer for us is simple: to boost your communication, but also your sales! Speed, immediacy, consistency, coherence and campaigns with measurable results are just some of the benefits that will characterize you, make you stand out, bring you closer to your audience and achieve your goals, as well.

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We would be happy to formulate, together, the plan that perfectly suits your needs & can bring positive measurable results.

✨ In the accompanying photo (from left to right): Tatiana Kosmidou: Junior social media manager, Olga Pitsari: Co-Founder, Managing & creative content director, Fani Plaka: Co-Founder, Marketing & digital strategist, Georgia Sousourada: Digital account manager