Reasons to leverage digital marketing for your B2B business

Maybe when you hear the words “digital marketing” the first thought that comes to mind is that it can’t be applied for your business.

As a B2B company, you may feel that it doesn’t fit your image, that your audience is not on social media, or even that it will prove to be a waste of time and money, without tangible results.

But, the truth is that digital marketing concerns you too. And not only does it concern you, but it can be a critical element of your success. It’s not merely a choice for your business, but a necessity. It is the medium that will help you discover, communicate, and negotiate with your audience in the competitive B2B world.

Continue reading to explore the ways in which you can harness the potential of digital marketing to benefit your business.

Image to show the advantages of a b2b digital marketing agency building a strategy for your company

How B2B and B2C marketing differ

Before we look at its benefits in detail, we consider it appropriate to explore the reasons why a strategy used for B2C purposes may not be effective in your wholesale business. First, unlike B2C companies, you’re not just targeting an end consumer. The marketing you will implement has as a “product” the satisfaction and coverage of the needs of another business. This is only the beginning of their differences.

Even marketing trends differ for B2B businesses.

Let’s take a brief look at the B2B vs. B2C “debate”:

Customer relationship: B2B marketing focuses more on building personal relationships while B2C leans towards transactional interactions.

Image: While in B2C the image is usually around the message and the product, in B2B the image has more to do with the company’s overarching stance. Although, many businesses gradually appreciate the importance of building an image through social media.

Audience: Marketing in B2B businesses involves finding a specific audience group, while B2C has a greater reach.

Content: Unlike the B2C public, B2B at bottom wants more services offered through social media channels and extra information.

Hubspot has a great breakdown of B2B vs B2C marketing.

Infographic by Boldot, to show why you need b2b digital marketing strategies specified to your b2b company

5 reasons to harness the potential of B2B marketing.

You may have heard time and time again about the benefits that marketing brings to your business. But what does your social media presence mean realistically?

Together we explore 5 main benefits that digital marketing will bring to your image, your relationship with your customers, and your sales.

1. Increase visibility for your B2B business

In summary, through marketing you ensure that your target audience will find you easily and at the right time, while at the same time will consider you trustworthy.

In the broad digital space, differentiation is paramount. Marketing techniques such as optimizing SEO, creating content, and interacting with your audience through social media can be the distinction you need from your competitors. Through marketing, you ensure that your target audience will find you easily and at the right time, all the while cultivating a sense of reliability.

5 reasons you have to use b2b digital marketing basics to see results on your sales and customer satisfaction displayed in infographic by Boldot digital agency

2. Generate leads for your B2B business

It is certain that you are constantly looking for new potential customers. This is where leads play a pivotal role. Leads are people who have already demonstrated their interest in your products or services by taking actions such as filling out a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter, or engaging with your content.

Social media not only locates your potential customers but also makes the first connection with them, collecting the information you need to get in touch with them. The subsequent task lies with you: guide them through the buying process and convert leads into loyal buyers.

3. Expanding your B2B business customer base

Marketing is a sure way to constantly attract new customers and companies. You have the ability to target specific markets or industries and present your products to prospective clients.

Fortunately, the digital realm offers a variety of tools to achieve this. Whether it be through the right content & social media strategy, or through ads, articles, or email, one thing is certain, your customers are online.

4. Building trust and a sense of authority for your B2B business

Through interaction with your audience, you cultivate trust that can easily be translated into loyalty.

At the same time, including informative content in your strategy creates a sense of authority. Give value, offer solutions and information, and soon the public will start to think of you as a leader.

Image of Shopify's Instagram account to show how you can use digital marketing basics as a tool for your b2b business

5. Increase sales for your B2B business

Sales. Your ultimate goal. Each stage of marketing ultimately converges towards sales, from readability to generating interest, communicating with potential customers, and serving end customers. Marketing positively influences every stage of your customers.

Marketing positively influences every stage of your sales, providing a substantially positive experience with your company and leading to loyal buyers or partners.

Differentiate your B2B business through digital marketing

A holistic strategy is a direct way to stand out from your competitors. Your potential customers know not only your products but also you.

Give them a unique and personalized experience. B2B audiences have even more needs and demands. They are looking for a company they can trust for quality and interaction.

Products can no longer “speak for themselves”, they need representation linked to the human factor. You.

Boldot specializes in creating digital marketing and content strategies for B2B companies, with a full understanding of the role that marketing plays in sales growth. If you are ready to evolve your presence, please contact us.