Gold Indie Award for Best Use of Film by a Regional Agency category

The aim

Stone Group International is evolving, expanding, envisioning the future, and unveiling a new and improved [F]resh version to its audience—a unique identity that sets it apart from the competition and the rest of the industry.

This change begins with the quarries, production, processes, and facilities, and extends to its people.

We were tasked with communicating this new era in a creative and inspired manner.

The creative idea

The [F] element of the internal culture took center stage.

We relied on the holistic [F]reshen up of the company and the new era into which Stone Group International is entering.

With this base, we found the motto that encompasses everything we wanted to communicate.

Everything will change, everything will be… [F]resh.

Credits in the end of the Stone Group International film, with the crew that worked on it and gained the Gold Indie Award

The implementation 

With this creative idea in mind, we crafted aesthetically pleasing films featuring the 4 pillars of the Group: Quarries, Production, Logistics, PEOPLE.

We proceeded to create 5 films with the following titles.

1. We are Stone Group International.

2. Unveiling the hidden beauties of marble Quarries.

3. Discover elegance: Where Every Detail in Production Matters.

4. The Art of Handing marble: Where logistics precision Meets Care.

5. The [F] Culture: People always come first.

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