Bronze Award in the Performance category at this year’s Indie Awards

The year started off well for all of us on the BOLDOT team, as we recently won another award. This award may not be the first one we have gotten in our 3 years of operation, but we have to admit that it is very important for us! This is because it concerns the category “Performance” and comes to complete, in a very natural and smooth way, the expertise we had already mastered in content marketing.

Below, you can read the summary of our nomination, but also the KPIs with the positive measurable results.

The Award

We won a Bronze award in the category “Best in Digital Performance” for our client, BIOHELLENIKA. The award is for digital ad campaigns that we ran from 01/07/2021 to 31/12/2021.

Biohellenika is a pioneering biotechnology company active in the field of stem cell isolation and storage. Its innovative services are scientifically documented, internationally recognized and are derived from the long-term research and academic experience of its founders, establishing it as the most reliable stem cell processing and storage company in Greece.   

Indie awards categories for BOLDOT connected marketing
BOLDOT connected marketing agency indie awards categories

The project – The challenge

In an industry where stem cell company sales come exclusively from referrals from doctors, clinicians and the general public, the biggest challenge for us has been to innovate and change market data, transferring the OFFLINE sales to the ONLINE environment through the creation of a new Digital distribution channel, bringing Qualified Leads.

 The Innovation

We strategically decided to differentiate ourselves from the domestic competition and change the usual way of informing and promoting sales for the stem cell service, which until now has been exclusively offline. We created our own distribution channel through the creation of a Sales Funnel based on 4 basic sales stages:

Attract ➡️ Interact ➡️  Convert ➡️  Take it OFFline

The digital goals

The digital goals that were set and implemented from the beginning were the following:

  • an increase in BIOHELLENIKA awareness & stem cell storage services
  • an increase in website & social media traffic
  • an increase in telephone requests & appointments
  • to attain qualified leads that will, in turn, lead to closing deals

The target-group

In order to properly target content and ads, specific categories of stakeholders were considered, along with basic demographics. In particular, the basic characteristics and needs of public groups such as young couples expecting a baby, pregnant women, parents with at least one child, people interested in safeguarding themselves against serious health problems and other subgroups, were studied and analyzed in depth. 

The implementation

To achieve the digital goals, we proceeded with the following actions:

  • created content on social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • created special, custom made content in selected Facebook groups
  • created ads on Social Media & Google

Aesthetic approach – Look & Feel

All the measurable results were very positive and in some cases, impressive. Indicatively, we mention the following indicators, which marked the largest increase for the period 01/07/2021 – 31/12/2021.

  • sales from qualified leads
  • social media messages
  • website: new visits & unique users from Facebook, Instagram, Google, session duration, conversions
  • social media: comments, clicks, reach, impressions, new followers, engagement, likes.

What we achieved

  • to bring positive insights, but also qualified leads that were then converted into measurable sales
  • to innovate and change the data in the Greek market, moving sales from offline to the ONLINE environment
  • to share a unique User Experience with users and followers, which is evidenced by the increased interaction, impressive participation in the application but also by the daily incoming messages
  • to create a strong, unique and authentic branded content that managed to stand out, become quickly recognizable and beloved and to “noticeably” differentiate itself from the Greek competition

Are you there when customers are looking for your services?

Your audience is now online several hours a day. Your advertising exposure in the digital environment is an essential part of any digital strategy. Depending on your budget and goals, you can advertise to your audience in a direct and most importantly, measurable way.

At BOLDOT we have extensive experience in social media & google advertising, as well as constant updates on all the new features of each advertising platform. Every company undoubtedly has its own needs; we know this very well, which is why we adapt the social media & google advertising plan to the needs of each company, individually.

We will be happy to find, together, the advertising plan that perfectly suits your needs & can bring positive measurable results.